Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quilt Pin Basting Tip

Went to school today to pin baste my Lollypop Trees quilt.  One thing that kept me teaching as long as I did was the great sewing lab and the big tables where we could easily pin baste our quilts.   The new teacher is a very nice person to allow me to come and use the tables.    The tip I want to give you today, I just dreamed up this very morning!  Lots of people probably know about this, beacause it is such a simple fix!  I always end up with sore fingers from the pinning.  I tried that pin basting notion years ago, but it just didn't seem be a natural fit for me.  Today, I sucessfully solved the sore finger problem with two flexible fabric bandages.   I just wrapped my index and middle fingers firmly with the bandages.  It was just enough extra padding and protection to make a painful chore a whole lot more bearable.   Try it if you have a similar problem.

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