Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stars and Sprigs Borders

It has been too long since I did any blogging!!  We have been so busy doing tree cleanup.  Hypoxylon Canker killed 14 of our red oak trees.  You wouldn't believe what tree cutters my husband and I are!!  We have cut all but 5 of them.  Lots of work!!  I work in the yard until at least noon everyday.  Glad I am retired, so I can be outside working.

In the afternoon, I sew.  This is the border sections to the Stars and Sprigs quilt designed by Kim McLean.  I cut the borders in half to fascilitate the machine heirloom applique technique I use.  When they are complete, you won't notice the seam for the sheer beauty of these borders.  Can't wait to finish the body of the quilt so I can begin the actual quilting.  The picture above is actually two different pictures!  Looks a little odd.