Monday, February 13, 2012

The Artistic One, Susan

I got lots of compliments on my Lollypop Trees Quilt, and I appreciate every one of them.  Some said I was artistic, but what I really am is creative.  I am not happy if I am not being creative, and that's the way I have always been.  If I was purely artistic I would design every quilt I make.
  The creativity gene is strong in my family.  My maternal grandmother, Della Cox Ritter, did every craft that was popular in her day.  She quilted, crocheted a million miles, tatted, embroidered, and sewed all the family clothes except coveralls and jeans.  Grandmother even made her own undergarments!!  My mom sewed and knitted.
  My cousin, Sue Ritter Harvey, was truly my inspiration.  Sue was 15 or so years older than me, so by the time I was a teen she was well into her creative life.  She was a master knitter and designed many patterns.  She sewed like a dream, did beautiful mosaic work, even did furniture making and carpentry.  She also managed to look like a beautiful, tall, and sophisticated model while she was doing all these things.  I wanted to be just like her!  Well, it didn't work out quite that way.  However, if she were still alive today, I think she would have loved my quiltmaking skills.
   The younger generation has some creativity going on.  My second cousin, Ana Kristin Clerc, is a talented knitter among other things.  She designs knitwear and teaches classes.  Another cousin, Mason Rankin is a photographer of some note.  I believe his specialty is architectural photography.
   This brings us to my daughter, Susan.  She has an art degree and teaches the same at a local high school.  She is a portrait artist.  I am in awe of her work.  She can create incredible and realistic detail with just pencil and paper.  Susan is truly artistic, and this mother is proud.  This is one of her portraits called The Mustache Man.

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  1. I need to see more of Susan's work. Miss seeing you guys. Jacquelyn